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Delighted parents and teachers praise FUN PHONICS!

"Your Fun Phonics books are some of the best decodable texts that I've seen! I currently conduct statewide training workshops for teachers and evaluators who serve students with reading disabilities and would like to incorporate the Fun Phonics Books into my workshops. Each workshop includes 35-50 participants and I typically conduct 5-10 per year.

Teachers are continually asking me for resources for decodable texts. Even though there are beginning to be more decodable texts out there, yours are still some of the best. . . . "

Dr. Margo L. Habiger
Liaison, Regents Center for Learning Disorders
University of Georgia

"Thanks for a wonderful set of books that have given my son a great head start."

T. Weathers, Parent, Calcium, New York

"Finally an 'easy reader' that really is 'easy' for new readers to be and feel successful as they learn and experience the joy of reading for themselves."

M. Vallelonga, Teacher, Scottsdale, Arizona

"I love your program. It's hard to find good easy-to-read phonetic readers. The children request to read them over and over again. Helps develop not only a love for reading but self esteem by being successful at reading."

A. Brown, Teacher, Vista, California

"I think your books are a great way to introduce reading to children. I especially like the questions and fill-in-the-blank for checking comprehension."

S. Honn, Teacher, Waterloo, Iowa

"I bought the books as a gift for my niece. She loved the books. Her grandmother said she couldn't wait to finish one so she could read the next book."

S. Adkins, Aunt, Irving, Texas

"Great phonetic books! The geography and music additions leave the children excited to see what's in the next book. We are pleased!"

C. Sherlock, Director, San Diego, California

"Your books have great organization within the series. Our school has sets and they are in daily use for our 4, 5, and 6 year old children. The elementary aged child enjoys the wonderful 'extras' on geographic facts and fun activities. Thank you for the great art work. All aged children are very happy reading them!"

D. Feaheny, Administrator, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

"Finally! A set of phonetic readers specially designed for beginning readers. I love the way they progress with the child."

D. Carrier, Parent, Alamogordo, New Mexico

"The children read these books with ease thereby enhancing their self-esteem."

J. Johannigman, Teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

"These books are great because with only a little phonic knowledge, the children can read a real book. . . . In beginning reading, it is hard to find books that children can read by themselves."

E. W. Bramlett, Teacher, Jacksonville, Florida

"I am a homeschooler with a beginning reader. My son loves your books and is thrilled with his ability to read them. I have tried several other beginning readers with no success. Thanks for something that actually works by making the child in charge and burst with pride!"

K. Baggett, Parent/Teacher, Somerville, Tennessee

"Your books are clear, concise and helpful. The children particularly like the question pages and the dot-to-dot."

D. Pulcher, Teacher, Columbia, Illinois

"These books make learning to read fun and pressure free!"

L. Parras, Parent, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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