Antoinette Sheffield, Illustrator

Antoinette Sheffield was awarded a scholarship to the Dayton Art Institute and attended the University of Dayton, Ohio State University, Sinclair Community College and the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos. Areas of study included Art, Nursing, Anatomy and Fine Arts.

Sheffield illustrated FUN PHONICS, Children, Today’s Joy! She developed the states reference pages, and illustrated the text, activity pages, and the Reference Guide. She also created the Sizzy Books logo. Researching the natural history of the plants and animals in her illustrations, and studying about the people and places in the stories was as enjoyable as drawing them. With Trish Mylet, the writer of the FUN PHONICS! set, Sheffield co-developed the integrated curriculum for the books and co-published the books under the Sizzy Books logo.

The illustrator wrote and illustrated a monthly column for the High Cincinnatians newsletter. She received a Photography Award for a photograph LEARNING, A SPRINGTIME ADVENTURE that accompanied her article in The National Montessori Reporter. Her art has been exhibited at the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos.

Sheffield's previous occupations were in the areas of nursing, sales and fashion. She has organized and coordinated various conferences and fund-raising events. Besides art, Sheffield loves hiking with her family and friends, reading, organic gardening, cooking, and traveling. She enjoys life in beautiful New Mexico.

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